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Is expensive make-up better than reasonably priced make-up?

28 Sep

I prefer using the term ‘reasonably priced’. I don’t like using the phrase ‘cheap make-up’ as it brings up the idea that the product is tacky, inferior, breakout inducing make-up. These exist of course, but that’s another story.

Has anyone ever commented on the makeup you’re wearing by saying ‘I love that pink MAC lipstick you’ve got on’ or ‘that ELF eye shadow really does suit you’? (If you can spot a brand like that, you’ve got a very rare talent indeed)
My point is whatever brand of make up you choose to wear, weather expensive or reasonably priced, the end results depend on weather you have chosen appropriate colours or formulation for your skin tone and type and your application technique.
You might say expensive brands have been well researched etc etc. But nowadays you could find high street or drugstore products which contain high tech ingredients; and which perform just as well as high end products if not even better. Did you know that  Lancôme is owned by L’Oreal? Nuff said.

Reasonably priced products which work for me :


Current favourites – lips, eyes and nail products

21 Sep


I am a big lip gloss fan so when I saw Hawaiian Tropic’s sunkissed moisturizing lip gloss, I had to give it a try. I choose island berry, a lovely tinted berry shade, which gives your lips a very subtle berry colour. It smells great, tastes sweet, and is not at all sticky. Thumbs up!

Pluses – great colour, great taste, moisturizing, non-sticky.

Minuses – You might need to re-apply often.

This MUA professional eyeshadow palette in Heaven and Earth £4 (pictured above) contains  great, pigmented nude shades,which blend really well and can be used to create great natural make-up looks.

The range also includes smaller palettes like the metallic shades pictured above. Retailing at £2.50 each.

MUA  eyeshadows are available from: 

I am loving Purple/violet nail polishes right now. These are great shades for autumn. Dark nail polish looks great on short nails.

Nail polishes featured:

Barry M – vivid purple

collection 2000 – Been’a Berry

2 True glossy wear nailpolish – shade no. 15 

Avon nailwear pro – decadence

A good lip balm is your lips best friend

16 Sep

This week’s favourite product

This week, we’re loving superdrug’s moisturising lip balm. It is extra hydrating for super soft lips and contains moisturising beeswax. There is also a pearl/shimmer lip balm which gives a hint of colour.


Always moisturise you lips with a good lip balm or primer before applying lipstick. This allows your lipstick to go on smoothly.

Apply lip balm to your lips before bed. Your smooth, soft lips will thank you in the morning.

You can use the shimmer lip balm to give a matte lipstick a satin/shimmery finish.

You can also use it as a base before applying a dark shade of lipstick to make it look brighter. 

Where to buy

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10 Sep

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