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Miss Sporty Tinted Lip Balm

20 Feb

I am so far loving these new tinted lip balms from Miss Sporty. I have been using them for the past couple of days and I find them to be glossy and moisturising while giving your lips a subtle or sheer tint.

Heartbreaker Kiss SOS, Gossip Kiss SOS, and Honey Moon Kiss SOS

Heartbreaker kiss is a red shade which gives your lips a sheer red tint, whilst Gossip Kiss is a peachy orange shade which is almost invisible (on my lips ). It might show up more on paler skin tones. Honey Moon Kiss is a berry shade and of the three I’ve tried, this is more pigmented and gives your lips the most colour.

Honey Moon Kiss, Heartbreaker Kiss, and Gossip kiss (swatched)

The balms are available in five shades at superdrug at the budget price of £1.99.

L’oréal Rouge Caresse Lipstick

8 Feb

I am really exicted about these new lipsticks from L’oréal. I had a chance to try one called Sweet Berry #103, which is a kind of nude pink shade. It has a very smooth texture, so applies smoothly to your lips and feels quite soothing, like a tinted lipbalm but with more colour. It gives your lips sheer shiny colour and moisture at the same time. I also like the chic packaging.

Sweet Berry #103

Sweet Berry #103 (swatched)

Available in 10 shades from superdrug priced £7.99.
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