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New Collection Products

16 Aug

A while ago, the make up brand collection 2000 decided to change their name to simply Collection. So now the rebranding process has begun. They have introduced a revamp of their lip gloss range called Pure Gloss which is available in 8 shades, priced £2.19 each. The one pictured below is called Lollipop, and this is a very brigh pink shade that adds just a hint of colour to your lips. It is moisturising and non-sticky has a kind of sweet scent which is quite nice.

The next new release is a collection of 10 new solo eye shadow shades also £2.19, which all give an iridescent finish to the eyelids. The one pictured below is called Baked Bronze and is just as the name suggests, a browny bronze which is quite nicely pigmented and could be great for a natural eye look.

This last product has also been recently released, but still bears the old name of Collection 2000. It’s called Colour Pout Lasting Lip Stain and this is available in six shades. The product pictured below is called Tease and this is a very pretty browny nude shade. Priced £3.99.

swatched on paper below

All products available from Superdrug or Boots.