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Beauty Tips For The Thrifty – Olive Oil

16 Nov

1. Fine sugar mixed with olive oil can be used to exfoliate the face and brighten up dull looking skin.

2. Fine salt mixed with olive oil makes a great exfoliant for your body.

3. Olive oil makes a great hair and scalp conditioner.

4. Olive oil can also be used as a body moisturiser, on slightly damp skin.

5. Olive oil can be used to soften nail cuticles and condition nails.

Extra Tips

1. Consider filing your nails in one direction to avoid breakage.

2. Use lemon juice to whiten stained nails.

Clean and Clear Morning Energy Shine Control Daily Facial Scrub

12 Nov

For the past two months, I have been using Clean and Clear Morning Energy Shine Control Facial Scrub, and I really like it. It’s an oil-free scrub with tiny exfoliating particles that’s great for spot prone skin. This can be used daily, and it does keep your skin oil-free all day, provided you don’t use a very oily moisturiser or foundation. It contains lemon grass and fruit extracts which gives it a lovely citrus scent that is sure to wake you up fully in the morning.

Priced £3.99 from Boots or Superdrug

Kleenex Eye Make-up Removal Wipes and Shine Absorbing Sheets

18 Oct

You would often associate kleenex with facial tissues and the like, but they’ve recently introduced a few cosmetic products to their range.
Their eye make-up removal wipes come in a pack containing 24 wipes. It is meant to be suitable for sensitive skin. It did a relatively good job removing my eye make-up, though the texture of the wipe was more “paperlike” rather than “clothlike” if you know what I mean, but the wipes still felt soft against my skin. This could be because the wipes have been made with ecoform natural fibres which must be some kind of environmentally friendly material.
The shine absorbing sheets are powder free and come in a pack of 50. You are meant to blot the plain side on your face to remove the oil from your face. I liked using this product because it did remove the shine from my face without removing my make-up in the process and it did not leave a powdery deposit on my face either.


Superdrug’s Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser

3 Oct

I normally prefer using face cleansers which lather up nicely, then I feel my face is really being cleaned, but after using Superdrug’s vitamin E hot cloth cleanser, which is cream based, my preferences have changed a bit, because  it actually does remove make-up effectively and your skin feels soft after use. First you massage the cleanser into your face and neck then you use the muslin cloth supplied with the product to take off the cleanser (the muslin cloth should be rinsed in hand-hot water first ) moreover, the muslin cloth gently exfoliates your skin as well. I love it!



Collection 2000 have added a few new colours to their Lasting Colour nail polish range, so has MUA. I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of both these products. I had the collection 2000 nail polish £2.99 on for about three days and it never chipped at all! Two coats gives you great coverage.
I also love the MUA nail polish. They’ve got a great range of colours all retailing at £1 each. I had one of the polishes on for the same length of time as collection 2000, and it fared well and did not chip. You only need to apply two coats for great coverage.