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New Collection Products

16 Aug

A while ago, the make up brand collection 2000 decided to change their name to simply Collection. So now the rebranding process has begun. They have introduced a revamp of their lip gloss range called Pure Gloss which is available in 8 shades, priced £2.19 each. The one pictured below is called Lollipop, and this is a very brigh pink shade that adds just a hint of colour to your lips. It is moisturising and non-sticky has a kind of sweet scent which is quite nice.

The next new release is a collection of 10 new solo eye shadow shades also £2.19, which all give an iridescent finish to the eyelids. The one pictured below is called Baked Bronze and is just as the name suggests, a browny bronze which is quite nicely pigmented and could be great for a natural eye look.

This last product has also been recently released, but still bears the old name of Collection 2000. It’s called Colour Pout Lasting Lip Stain and this is available in six shades. The product pictured below is called Tease and this is a very pretty browny nude shade. Priced £3.99.

swatched on paper below

All products available from Superdrug or Boots.

Kiko Makeup Milano Cosmetics

7 Nov

I visited the new Westfield Shopping Center in Stratford some days ago, and there I discovered the kiko make-up store. Kiko is an Italian brand and they have a wide range of make-up,  lipglosses, eyeshadows, lipsticks, nail polishes etc. in a wide variety of shades. The products are quite reasonably priced as well. I bought a few products which I have been trying out and I can honestly say they are really good. The lipglazes and lipgloss are £3 each and they are very moisturising, shiny and non-sticky. I also got an eyeshadow in a neutral shade, which is very pigmented, blends really well and stays put for hours without creasing, and I did not use any primer. The single eye shadows are £5.90 each. I bought a matt lipstick in a brown neutral shade, which, although matt feels very comfortable to wear and is not dry at all. These are £5.90 each. I got a nail polish £4.90 also in a neutral shade, which I have yet to try. I will tell you what I think about it sometime soon.
If you’ve not already done so, I think it’s a brand worth checking out. Really helpful and friendly sales assistants.

Kiko make-up

Kiko lipgloss and lipglaze moisturising and non-sticky

The Kiko Make Up Milano store is at Westfield Stratford City

Boots 17 Supreme Shine Lipstick

3 Nov

I tried the new Boots 17 Supreme Shine Lipstick in Bon Bon and Pink Posey. Bon bon is a nude pinky brown shade which I really love and Pink Posey is a lovely bright pink colour. The lipsticks are very pigmented and are comfortable to wear but in my opinion, not shiny enough. They are available in 13 shades, priced £4.99.

Boots 17 Supreme Shine Lipstick in Bon Bon

Boots 17 Supreme Shine Lipstick in Pink Posey

Collection 2000 Metallic Cream Eye Shadow

18 Oct

I tried a bronzy colour called Copper Pot, which looked lovely in the container, so I thought it would do the same on my eye lids. Firstly, the product is not very pigmented you need to deposit a lot of the product on your lids to see visible results. The product comes with a sponged tip applicator which is fairly easy to use. The shadow does blend well and I think its perfect for creating a natural makeup look. It could also work as a base for a powder eye shadow of the same colour.

Available from http://www.boots.com/

Current favourites – lips, eyes and nail products

21 Sep


I am a big lip gloss fan so when I saw Hawaiian Tropic’s sunkissed moisturizing lip gloss, I had to give it a try. I choose island berry, a lovely tinted berry shade, which gives your lips a very subtle berry colour. It smells great, tastes sweet, and is not at all sticky. Thumbs up!

Pluses – great colour, great taste, moisturizing, non-sticky.

Minuses – You might need to re-apply often.

This MUA professional eyeshadow palette in Heaven and Earth £4 (pictured above) contains  great, pigmented nude shades,which blend really well and can be used to create great natural make-up looks.

The range also includes smaller palettes like the metallic shades pictured above. Retailing at £2.50 each.

MUA  eyeshadows are available from:


I am loving Purple/violet nail polishes right now. These are great shades for autumn. Dark nail polish looks great on short nails.

Nail polishes featured:

Barry M – vivid purple

collection 2000 – Been’a Berry

2 True glossy wear nailpolish – shade no. 15 

Avon nailwear pro – decadence