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Fashionista Makeup

18 Nov

I came across the new Fashionista make-up range in superdrug some days ago and I couldn’t resist buying a couple of the products to try out. I must say I am very impressed with the products I bought so far. I got a blusher called Crimson, which is a sparkly pink colour that is very pigmented. You need to use just a tiny amount at a time. I also got an eyeliner, in Shade 2 Claudia. This is a highly pigmented sparkly black liner which is long lasting. I bought two eyeshadows, Foxy, which is a soft metallic/pearly bronze colour and Embellished, which is a satin purple/violet shade. These are very pimented blendable eye shadows. The products I bought cost £4 each. The range also includes lipsticks, mascaras, foundation, lip glosses and nail polish, all at affordable prices.

From left to right: Foxy, Embellished and Crimson.

Available at Superdrug.